How to Clean Hardwood Floors(Easy Method)

Do you know how to clean hardwood floors? It is easy to clean the floor and maintain a clean, polished look. However, you should know the procedure and material what to use to clean the floors. In this article, you will learn how to clean the hardwood floors.

Cleaning materials like hardwood can be intimidating, especially if you’re not sure what the finish should be. Follow these steps to clean the hardwood floor without damaging it. You will need patience and a little bit of hard work to get clean and pleasant floors.

How to Clean Hardwood Floors (Regular Maintenance)

1. Check of Hardwood Floor Finish

Check of Hardwood Floor Finish

Since each board has slightly raised edges, it is easy to detect the finishing floor. If the surface is not shiny, that means the dirty things have on the floor. That means it is an unfinished floor. The floor that has completed cleaning is difficult to differentiate.

To check for wax on the floor, rub it with moistening extra fine steel wool over an inconspicuous area. If a light gray stain appears on the wool, you have a wax finish.

To check if you have an old or modern surface seal, add a few drops of water to the most worn part of the floor. If it remains in relief after a few minutes, it is likely that you have a modern surface mark.

But if it seems to soak or darken the wood, you have an older seal or a poorly worked seal that requires careful handling.

2. Sweep and Clean the Hardwood Floor

Sweep and Clean the Hardwood Floor

The best broom for hardwood floors will remove large particles such as sand or stains that can scratch the floor if found under a mop. You can vacuum the floor as long as the brushes are extended to avoid scratches and there is only dust on the floor.

You can also use a bare floor vacuum setting to prevent scratches on the floor. Most vacuums have bristles attached to collect dust, but they can destroy hardwood floors.

In this case, you should sweep or vacuum regularly to avoid dust and scratches on the floor. Therefore, you should only clean your hardwood floor when it is really necessary. This will extend the life of the floor.

Hardwood floors are usually easy to keep clean, as there is nothing to catch dirt or dust. A simple sweep or vacuum should cover most of the mess.

3. Wipe Any Wet Spill On Floor

Whatever your finish, you should never leave moisture lying around on wooden floors. This can damage the seal and the wood forever if you are not careful. Wipe it with a damp cloth and then dry the surface completely.

How to Clean Hardwood Floors With a Modern Surface Seal

How to Clean Hardwood Floors

1. Best Way to Clean Hardwood Floors

For general cleaning, choose a water-based neutral pH cleaner developed for vinyl floors or hardwood floors, such as Bona hardwood floor cleaner or Pledge gentle wood floor cleaner.

Besides these, you can use alkaline water-based detergent to dissolve grease and dirt. For example, soaps, detergents, or baking soda which easily dissolved in water. But you must use it as fewer amount as possible.

You should use a water-based acid cleaner to dissolve hard water or mineral deposits. Such as, white vinegar or lemon juice would be a good cleaner for this effect. This is the best way to clean wood floors naturally.


We recommend using special cleaning products for the hardwood floor and of course, it will be safe for your wooden floor. The most reliable and effective hardwood floor cleaners are Bona hardwood floor cleaner and pledge wood floor cleaner.

We suggest not using bleach, ammonia, and other abrasive cleaners that will leave a permanent stain on the hardwood floor. Keep in mind, it can damage the wooden floor and void the warranty.

2. Cleaning Material

Use distilled water instead of hard water for preventing water stain on the floor. You can buy it at your nearest supermarket or you can buy this distilled water from amazon.

However, wipe the floors fast with lemon juice and water mixture after cleaning. It will also prevent streaks if it dries.

3. Broom With Cleaning Solution

Broom With Cleaning Solution

Dip a broom in a bucket of detergent diluted in water. Run along the wood grain on the floor, starting from the far corner and towards a door. So you never have to step on wet floors. Refill the bucket if the mixture becomes too dirty.

4. Clean Spot with a Damp Cloth

Immerse the cloth in the mixture and wipe the stains with a damp cloth. Apply the pressure on the stains to clean the floor completely.

5. Usage the Mop to Absorb Liquid

Replace dirty water with fresh and clean water. Wash and clean the broom with a damp cloth so that it can absorb the dirty water left on the floor. Sink it into the clean water bucket and remove the water by pressing and Repeat the process.

Dry the mop and wipe the wet hardwood floor. Repeat this process until the floor dries completely. Do not delay this step. Although modern surface seals are waterproof, they do not tolerate moisture for a long time. After finishing the cleaning task, wash and clean the mop and fill up the bucket with plain water.

How to Deep Clean Hardwood Floors

BISSELL PowerFresh Steam Mop

To keep your floor healthy you need to clean daily. The best way to clean hardwood floors is regular cleaning and maintenance. For example, sweeping, mopping, and scrubbing to remove any stains and dirt.  But when and how to deep clean hardwood floors is a big question.

When dirt, greasy substances and dirt accumulate on the floor over time and are not completely cleaned as usual, you need to deep clean the hardwood floor.

First Step

In this step, you need a mop and cleaning solution for hardwood floors. Take the solution and mix it with water in a bucket. Dip the best mop for hardwood floors into the mixture and wring it until almost dry.

Start cleaning with the mop into the direction of the floorboard. Repeat this process a few times. Always apply this process with clean water and mop. If the water is dirty, replace it with clean water. Then continue this cleaning process until completely removing the dirt.

After finishing the cleaning with a mop, wipe the floors with a dry damp cloth before drying it as early as possible. Otherwise, Water stains will be visible on the wooden floor. Consequently, the floors will lose their original shine forever.

Second Step

If you fail to clean the hardwood floors completely or if don’t come back the glitter of the floors, then go to the second process.

In this step, you will need the best hardwood floor cleaner machine and recommended cleaning solution especially for hardwood floors. There are many hardwood floor cleaner machines online or amazon.

We recommend using the BISSELL Spinwave Powered Hardwood Floor Mop and Cleaner or BISSELL PowerFresh Steam Mop. This machine not only removes tough stains from hardwood floors but also destroys the 99.99% bacteria and germs. They can also clean old hardwood floors at a moment and bring back the shiny feeling.

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