Braun IPL Hair Removal Review

Braun IPL Hair Removal Review

Are you looking for a harmless and painless hair remover for your leg arm and bikini line? We have selected a painless hair remover that removes hair permanently. So don’t forget to check out our selected Braun IPL Hair Removal Review before you make your decision.

Braun recently has launched its latest generation IPL called Silk-expert Pro 5. It is the safest, fastest, and most effective IPL for permanent hair removal in just 4 weeks. The International Skin Health Organization has approved it for the safest IPL technology that has been clinically and dermatologically tested.

In fact, it automatically creates an optimal balance that adapts to your skin for visible permanent hair removal. The fastest IPL is 2 times faster than the previous Silk-expert 5. Braun IPL hair removal can treat both legs in less than 5 minutes.

This hair removal contains a precision head for working on smaller areas such as the face, bikini line, or armpits. New compact design, 15% smaller and 25% lighter, for easy handling and effortless handling. 400,000 flashes, 30% more than the previous Silk-expert 5.

Pros and Cons: Braun IPL Hair Removal Review


  • Ensures permanent smoothness
  • It is more efficient than waxing on short hair
  • This is gentle that means giving painless experience
  • Epilation causes hair to grow back less notably
  • It isn’t just for the legs
  • Epilation is fantastic for sensitive skin
  • It is perfect for all women all the year
  • Gives instant results that you can believe


What Are the Best Things about Epilation?

Epilation Provides Long Lasting Smoothness

You will enjoy smooth skin that lasts up to 4 weeks with this epilation. Because the hairs are retarded from the root. The hair regrowth takes longer than superficial removals such as shaving and creams. Also, as it grows back, it becomes softer and thinner than before.

More Efficient Epilation Than Waxing For Short Hairs

Epilation and waxing both remove hair from the root. However, waxing can push the hair onto the skin, which is more difficult to lift and remove. On the other hand, Braun Silk-Epil tweezers technology lifts hair as small as a grain of sand. No more days in between, no more problems.

Gentle Epilation

With each hair removal session, the discomfort you may have experienced the first time around decreases significantly. For this reason, Braun Silk-épil epilators offer you an almost painless experience with regular use.

Gentle Epilation

Epilation Helps Hair Grow Back Less Noticeably

First, when the hairs are removed at the root, the hairs will grow back with softer and tighter ends than hair removed with a razor, making them softer and finer to the touch. Secondly, as hair grows back at different rates depending on the phase of the hair growth cycle, less hair needs to be removed after the first few sessions.

Epilation helps hair grow back less noticeably

Epilation is Not Just For Your Legs

Silk-Epil epilators are offered with different accessories depending on the model you choose. The accessories are specially designed for excellent results on different parts of the body.

It isn't just for your legs

Epilation is Great For Sensitive Skin

Bath hair removal is the new hair removal solution for modern women all over the world. It is ideal for sensitive skin and epilators. Since the tweezers of an epilation head do not pull directly on the skin during hair removal, the effect on the skin is minimal. Hair removal is a great option for the cold or dry season when daily hair removal can be irritating to the skin.

Immediate Results

No preparation is needed such as shaving or hair regrowth. Your Braun epilator reliably captures short hair like a grain of sand. It gives you smooth skin immediately and for up to 4 weeks. So you are always ready for action.

Immediate results

How to use Braun IPL Hair Removal in simple steps.

Step 1: Remove all visible hair from the area you intend to treat, using your preferred hair removal method. Make sure that no hair remains on the surface of the skin. Then dry your skin.

Step 2: Depending on the size of the area to be treated, choose the standard head or the precision head. Connect Braun Silk-expert Pro.

Step 3: You need to make sure that the nozzle of the device is in close contact with the skin to function properly. Otherwise, the device will not work properly if it is not in contact with the skin.

Step 4: For large areas of the body, use the sliding mode – hold the button and stretch over the skin. Press and release the button for small areas. You can use the gentle or extra gentle mode for sensitive areas or for the first time.

Step 5: It is necessary to clean and wipe the nozzle after each use.

Step 6: In the first step of treatment, you will need to treat once a week for 4-12 weeks. Then adapt to your needs.

Skin Tones And Body Hair Type Chart

Skin tones & Body hair type chart

Frequently Asked Question

Q: Q: Why isn’t IPL suitable for darker skin tones?

Ans: Because dark skin contains a lot of melanin, it can soak more light than the recommended amount, which can cause discomfort.

Q: Do I need to stay out of the sun before IPL?

Ans: If your skin becomes dark due to artificial or natural tanning and the irritation doesn’t appear on the skin, then the Braun Silk-expert Pro device can be used. It automatically adjusts the energy level to the safest and most effective level. It also tells you that your skin has become too dark for treatment.

Q: Is it suitable for men to use?

Ans: Men can use Braun Silk-expert Pro from shoulder to chest, back, arms, abdomen, legs. It should not be applied to the face, neck, and genital area. Applying it to a man’s beard or facial can have uneven results.

Q: Is IPL suitable for intimate areas?

Ans: In fact, IPL is out of danger in the bikini line, but it isn’t secure for the genital area where the skin may be darker. It can absorb more light where there is a higher density of hair and cause discomfort.

Q: How long will we wait for the results?

Ans: The typical hair growth cycle depends from person to person and can last up to 18-24 months depending on the body area. In fact, hair growth is photosensitive and it’s important to apply a few treatments to keep the skin smooth for a long time.

For this reason, an initial period of 4-12 weekly treatments is recommended for best results. If you stop seeing your hair grow, you don’t need to do all 12 weekly treatments. You can switch to maintenance treatments.

Q: How should I take care of my skin after IPL?

Ans: It is advisable to avoid artificial light sources such as solarium or solarium. You should avoid any activities or skin products that may irritate the skin for 24 hours after treatment. This covers the use of hot tubs or saunas, the use of tight clothing, the use of whitening creams, scented products, or exfoliating products. The above can cause irritation such as itching and redness in the treated areas.


We have just touched the finishing line of the Braun IPL hair removal review. Every woman chooses and needs the IPL for safe permanent hair removal. Braun hair removal IPL is the best of all IPL that are available on the market.

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